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You’ll see a “Songs of the Day” page among the menu options on the home page. I’ve posted  a series of music appreciation pieces I wrote over the past couple of years for my own amusement, and circulated to a few friends, discussing my favourite songs. It began as an effort to expose my young administrative assistant to music she hadn’t heard, from before her time, that I thought she’d like. I’m not sure if she actually did like any of my recommendations. Actually, I’m not sure she even read any of them, but I kept sending them to her, and a few others.

This is pure subjectivity, of course. I’m neither a musician nor a musicologist, and arguably these posts have about as much merit as everything else that issues from the “I know what I like” school of art appreciation, but I like to imagine I have a good ear; at any rate I’m passionate about the stuff.

There’s a definite boomer bias to the selections. That’s because I’m a boomer.

I hope to have more “Songs of the Day” entries in my blog posts.

One thing: it occurs to me that I might be quoting lyrics without the permissions that might be necessary under copyright law. If any music industry mavens out there wish to complain, I can always replace the direct quotes with links to any of the hundreds of internet sites that post the lyrics of just about every song ever written, but another way to go would be to simply grant me the permission. I’m not selling anything here, and all I’m doing is extolling the virtues of songs which, if I had things my way, any readers would immediately purchase for themselves.


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