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Having completed the prior screed, I realized how much I’d forgotten to mention. Warming to the topic, I issued a flurry of supplemental rants, until I exhausted myself – and this was before the Access Hollywood affair, and a lot of other things that might merit further instalments:

And that’s just what I could remember off the top of my head!  And dangnabbit, I forgot to add how during one of the debates, he bragged about the size of his Johnson.  And that he cited his book, Art of the Deal (which was ghost-written), as the second greatest book ever, surpassed only by the Bible, in which he said he particularly liked “Two Corinthians”.  And that he condemns Hillary for voting in favour of the Iraq war, while excusing his new running mate for doing the same, and for adding his voice to the lie that WMDs existed in Iraq.  And that his campaign manager was once a highly-paid lobbyist for the likes of Ferdinand Marcos and Mobutu Sese Seko. And that he’s funnelling campaign funds into his own businesses, and just bribed the Florida A.G., via a 25K campaign contribution, to drop her investigation into the Trump University fraud.  Oh, and also that he has mused repeatedly in public about having sex with his own daughter, you know, if they weren’t related; that he once impersonated one of his own staffers to phone People magazine and brag about the famous women he was banging (pathetic even if true, which it wasn’t); that he insinuated that Obama is an ISIS sympathizer who may have a hand in terror attacks; and, that he refused to outright repudiate the support of former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.  I even failed to mention that his xenophobic and racist ban on Muslim immigration would cut America off from 1.6 billion people, and is completely unconstitutional. I forgot all that.


Crap, it also slipped my mind that he made savage fun of the physical disability of a reporter in one of his speeches.  And that he said John McCain was no hero, and preferred guys who don’t get captured – McCain was a naval aviator (the bravest and most skilled type of fighter pilot, you ask me) whose A-4 was shot out from under his ass during a raid on the heavily defended Hanoi thermal plant, and spent years in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” prison facility, where he was tortured so terribly that he still can’t raise his arms above his head, while Trump avoided the war with several university deferrals – I forgot that.  That he re-tweeted racist lies about how many whites are killed by blacks, I forgot that too.  That anti-Semitic imagery was used in an attack tweet on Hillary, that slipped my mind too.  That his prior campaign manager was a thug who assaulted a female reporter for getting close enough to ask The Donald questions, that one also eluded me.  There was the time he gave a press conference with all sorts of Trump products, including a pile of Trump Steaks, arrayed around him like a carnival barker, though most of those products are no longer sold, the related businesses defunct – missed that one.  I shouldn’t shoot from the hip, it leads to harmful rant deficiencies.


WAIT, I forgot to mention that The Donald has repeatedly advocated the torture of terrorist suspects, via something “a lot worse than water boarding”, even though neither he nor any of the others who propose such awful, immoral things has ever been able to cite a single instance when the hideous Bush/Cheney torture program gleaned a solitary piece of actionable intelligence.

I failed to mention that he praised Saddam Hussein for “killing a lot of terrorists” (Saddam didn’t, really, trying to suppress some terror groups while supporting others) – which we can revile both as an ugly lie that advocates extra-judicial executions, and a violation of what ought to be the sacred principle that nobody, but nobody, should have anything nice to say about maniacal mass-murdering tyrant Saddam Hussein.  Trump likewise argued that we should murder the families of terrorists, a war crime which would cede forever the last vestiges of moral high ground that the US might still retain in trying to argue for a rules-based system of international relations.

I also forgot that he denigrates Senator Elizabeth Warren, maybe the most intelligent and noble politician currently holding office in America, repeatedly calling her “Pocahontas”. This is a racist slur that makes vicious fun of Warren’s innocuous comment in an interview a while back that her family’s lore holds that she has something like 1/16th Native American heritage, though she didn’t know if that was true; he tweeted the insult again just last night, like the bullying thug he is.  He mocked Bernie Sanders for “folding” because Bernie decided to support Hillary, even as he revels in the way he made everyone in the Republican party, supposed leaders like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, people who once decried Donald for being a buffoon and an overt racist, roll over like lap dogs and give him their quavering, boot-licking support.

I might also have mentioned that his repeated assertions that America’s economy is stalled are ridiculous: the US under Obama has created an average of 200,000 jobs a month for going on seven straight years, unemployment is below 5%, and GDP is growing at a modest but steady rate hovering around 1-2%.  Wages are also, finally, starting to edge up, and while we’re at it, we might mention that Obama prevented the culmination of what bid fair to be a global economic extinction event bequeathed to him by that idiot Bush, saving the domestic auto industry while he was at it, but hey, why let facts get in the way.

Similarly, Trump’s hysterical assertions about rising crime rates are complete lies and craven fear-mongering: there has indeed been a spike in gun deaths in some major cities lately, but overall, all forms of crime have been declining steadily for about 25 years, there as here, and Americans alive today have probably never been safer – and oh yeah, Mr. Law and Order Trump has pledged total support for the National Rifle Association and, like all Republicans, refuses to consider the gun control measures that might bring the spikes in the murder rate back under control.

Illegal immigration has also gone down during the Obama years, even though Trump does everything possible to create the impression that shoeless hordes of criminal rapists are pouring daily over the Mexican border, even while he has personally exploited the cheap labour of illegal immigrants in his own construction business. These days there’s actually a net outflow of unregistered immigrants, more leaving than coming, and Obama, he of the porous borders, has ejected so many that in some quarters he’s known as “the Deporter in Chief”.

Trump decries Hillary for advocating the overthrow of Qaddafi in Libya, an admittedly dubious foreign policy choice, in retrospect, but one to which The Donald gave his full-throated support at the time; and he calls Obama “weak” – the President who got Bin Laden, crushed Al Qaida, is slowly grinding ISIS down to a powder, and has overseen a terrifying drone campaign that has for years been blowing militants and unfortunate bystanders right out of their boots all over the world, is “weak”.  This from a man who this week mused that he might let Russia conquer a small NATO ally, rather than fight to contain a renewal of aggressive, Soviet-style expansionism – hey, what have those low-energy losers in Estonia done for us lately, I can tell you not much, believe me.

Trump watched with approval while his toady Chris Christie egged on the Roman Coliseum that was the Republican National Convention to lock Hillary up for being soft on Vladimir Putin – even though Trump has himself openly admired Putin, and Russian Military Intelligence may just have hacked the Democratic National Committee as a way of embarrassing Clinton and her supporters, the better to promote Vlad’s good buddy Donald (and don’t get me going on that smug, witless Wikileaks turd Julian Assange, who facilitated this foreign intervention in US electoral affairs).

Then there’s the way Trump repeatedly attacks US businesses for exporting jobs overseas, when he has consistently done the same thing; and that he took a break from trying to win the Presidency to travel to Scotland to promote one of his new golf course enterprises, and used his bully pulpit there to praise the UK decision to leave the EU (having finally understood what “Brexit” was, this having eluded him earlier), an utterly tone deaf statement in a part of the UK that voted solidly to remain, and is now considering separating from England in order to preserve its EU membership – typical behaviour of a sort that will cripple US foreign policy if Trump ever has anything to do with American diplomacy.

Oh, and don’t let’s forget that this week, it was revealed that this lazy, ignorant, vainglorious attention hog is only running for President because he craves power and the spotlight, and doesn’t really want the job, offering potential vice-presidential candidate John Kasich full authority over both domestic and foreign policy if he would take the Veep position – in other words, if he gets elected, Trump hopes to sub-contract the office of President of the United States, and just put his name on it, as he has with so many business ventures in which TRUMP was plastered all over everything in huge letters while Donald himself had nothing to do with them, and was simply licensing his name, and his ludicrously over-hyped reputation.

AND THEN there’s…there’s…I can’t go on, I’ve tuckered myself out, and only about 10% into the litany, too.

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