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A gorgeous, poignant lament for a regretful heart that hopes against hope for a probably undeserved second chance. They broke up, and OK yeah, maybe it was his fault, he put her through all sorts of crap and then split, probably figuring on finding something better. Oh, boy. Now he knows he made a terrible, terrible mistake.

It’s only human that he dreams of getting her back, and of a time to come when they can remember it all as just a bit of a bump in the road. That can work, right? All he has to do is swallow hard and go for it, it could all be set right, maybe one day soon – but time is flying by, it takes so very much nerve even to approach her, and always the nagging question: why do tomorrow what you could never do?

They were masters of wistful melody, but Fountains of Wayne, and the irreplaceable chemistry between songwriters Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood, are things of the past. They should have been so much bigger than they ever became.

Another from the NPR Tiny Desk concert series.

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