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There’s stupidity. There’s corruption. There’s small-mindedness. There’s childishness. There’s racism. There’s profound, perhaps sociopathic lack of empathy.  But then there’s this:

Hey, you were warned! Don’t say you weren’t! Lots of people warned you. I warned you. He’s decompensating. This isn’t even craven lying. This isn’t even narcissism run amok on a tank full of high-octane rage. This is flat-out barking mad. Stark, raving bonkers. Batshit, strapped-to-a-gurney-in-Bellevue-while-the-nurse-adminsters-clozapine crazy. It’s so far round the bend that there isn’t even any point in bothering to refute it.

Luckily, we have the rest of the Republican Party to step up and make sure everybody knows that this is all just Donny having one of his little spells and not to worry, we’ll get him the help he needs, and anyway we’re missing the point. Paul Ryan, for example, wrote another chapter of his multi-volume profile in courage:

I’ll just say what I just said, which is there is no reason to dispute these numbers. Those are just the facts of when a horrible hurricane hits an isolated place like an island. And that’s really no one’s fault. It’s just what happened.

See? It’s not that all those people didn’t actually die, let’s not dwell on that aspect of the President’s, er, statement, the point is that these things happen, and it’s nobody’s fault. Obviously. It was a hurricane, right? You can’t plan for these things. Also, look, Puerto Rico is an island, for the love of Mike, did you know that? It’s surrounded by water. What’s a global superpower to do? Deploy a Marine Expeditionary Brigade or something? Fly supplies over on a bunch of C-17s? Hit the beach in a few of those fancy hovercraft – what is it the Marines call them, LCACs? – carrying tanks with bulldozer attachments or some such shit, to clear the roads? I suppose then the Army Corps of Engineers could run around laying bridges and fixing the power grid, and FEMA could distribute supplies, and transport the sick and the injured over all those freshly cleared roads to the big hospital ship down at the San Juan waterfront. Like, there’s a budget for that. C’mon. Get real. Besides which, the United States has no experience when it comes to deploying men and materiel to distant islands, for crying out loud. And I suppose you think that America has some magic capacity to get some sort of communications grid up and running in the field, just like that? On what, numbnuts, tethered balloons? What country do you think this is, man? Dumbasses think they live in the Enchanted Kingdom or something.

Uh-huh. Who even has the energy to call bullshit on that? Or, for that matter, on the argument that whoever died, they died after the hurricane, not during – Oh, OK then – I mean, there just aren’t words.

All of which is utterly irrelevant, because The Donald isn’t claiming it wasn’t his fault, he’s claiming it never happened at all, that nobody died, and it’s a Democratic plot to discredit him, because they’ll claim anything just to make him look bad. Clearly, then, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and all those other lyin’ liberals are in underhanded cahoots with the Governor of Puerto Rico, and those scheming bastards at George Washington University too – lousy academics are always out to get him, aren’t they?

Oh yes. You’re awake, and those were the President’s tweets. We’re officially in Alex Jones territory, except one suspects Alex Jones doesn’t for one second buy a word of the shit he spews in between peddling his bogus nutritional supplements and male testosterone enhancers. Trump actually believes the death toll in Puerto Rico is a set-up. Fake news. You can tell. This isn’t like before, when he flogged his vile conspiracy theories about Obama’s birth certificate, and hordes of Muslims cheering the collapse of the twin towers from the Jersey shore. This is the real deal. He’s plumb  off his gourd.

So, then! What can anybody say at this point? What makes sense? I got nothin’.  “Gulp”, I guess. We all kind of figured it was coming to this, sure, but still, Gulp.

But what happens now?

Well, who knows, if this keeps getting worse maybe the 25th Amendment isn’t off the table after all; it’s one thing when the guy’s vocabulary is shrinking by the hour, he can’t remember the lies he just told, and doesn’t notice when you steal documents off his desk, and quite another if, as seems not entirely unlikely, you have to get the orderlies to tackle him while he runs around buck-naked all over the South Lawn in front of CNN. He might just go so far, and so overtly, off the deep end that even the quavering boot-lickers in his Cabinet perceive the political cover they need, finally, to pack him off to the laughing academy.

Failing that, put your fingers in your ears and hope nothing really big, like 9/11 big, happens before 2020, and that the demented bastard doesn’t somehow survive politically and earn a second term – because the Republic can’t take six more years of this. I’m highly dubious that it can even take two.

Oh, and good luck to all y’all in the Carolinas this weekend!

Image result for hurricane florence

If you’re lucky, you can get this!

Relatively cheap, easy to plan.

But perhaps not this:

Image result for c-17 delivering supplies
Related image
Image result for Marine hovercraft
Image result for m1 tank dozer attachment

Expensive, takes lots and lots of planning and logistics and stuff.

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