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Just my luck! I often get about two or three readers per blog post on The Needlefish, and rarely anybody who doesn’t know me personally, but for the last one I attracted the attention of an angry conservative going by the handle “kenslifesite”, who has a blog you can visit here: Ken has posts with titles like “I Truly Don’t Know How Anyone Can Be A Liberal” that includes such sentiments as “Liberals are embarrassing and disgusting and evil.” If you want a greater understanding of just how divided Americans are, and what reality looks like to those on the other side of the growing chasm, have a look. Here’s what Ken has to say:

Please stop using terms like sex offender. The facts showed there was no collaboration. and let’s be honest, the FBI investigation and all those hearings last week were just BS. The democrats said they weren’t going to vote for him 5 seconds after he was nominated. They may as well should have just taken a vote a week after he was nominated last summer. You wanna blame someone? Maybe someone like RBG. I know we like her, she has a great workout, blah blah blah. But she’s next. And guess what happens when she’s gone – court not only goes 6-3 for a nice civil unbiased SCOTUS that will obey the Constitution, but a group of liberals who should be extinct, but will have played al their whiny cards for the previous 2 nominations and will absolutely have nothing left to do and no other way to institute their insanity. It will be a thrill to watch.

I assume he meant “corroboration”, not “collaboration”, probably a spell check thing.

Anyway, Ken kept it civil and didn’t call me a Nazi, so I figured I might as well let him have the soap box for a bit.

It is true that since Kavanaugh hasn’t been convicted of anything, it would be more fair to refer to him not as a “sex offender” but rather a “a very distasteful man of vile temperament and proven frat boy attitudes towards women whom I sincerely believe to be a sex offender, based on testimony and facts available as to surrounding circumstances, though on what we have after the FBI’s sham investigation it can’t be demonstrated sufficient to meet the criminal burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

So chalk that one up for Ken.

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