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The ducks seem to be sticking around for the time being. I’m glad. The bay isn’t quite so cheering without them.

T.S. Eliot declared April to be the cruellest month, but I don’t know, I’d vote for February, I think. October, though, that’s the kindest. Not too hot, not too cold, not too wet, not too dark, the colours changing and everything reminiscent of those wonderful, pretty much carefree days during first term at University.

If you ever get the chance, and you’re not here already, you owe it to yourself to one day take an Autumn breather in Nova Scotia. You could take a drive along the South Shore, or maybe travel up to Cape Breton and do a circuit of the famous Cabot Trail. It’ll do you good, I promise. Who knows, maybe some day, I’ll be sitting in the Mug and Anchor without realizing that you’re just a couple of tables away, watching the late afternoon sunlight render the ocean and the trees on the opposite shore in pastel tones, full of fish and chips and utterly at ease.

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