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Behold the Hellwack shiznet that happens inside your brizzle.

I first saw this performed live by the Blue Men in Las Vegas, where’d they’d taken up residence in the surreal Italianate fantasy castle called The Venetian (we were staying in the nearby surreal Parisian fantasy palace called, you guessed it, Paris. It had a 1/2 scale replica of the Eiffel Tower out front, as well as an Arc de Triomphe, and a sheet metal imitation Montgolfier hot air balloon, I mean, they really went the whole nine yards). I wasn’t sure what I expected from the troupe, but it sure wasn’t this fascinating, hard-rocking cross between something almost fit for The Who, and a perfectly accurate science documentary on the biochemical-neurological essence of human vision, as processed by the brain.

The whole show is tremendously entertaining, as it slowly dawns on you that the Blue Men are being depicted as strangers to this planet, doing all those wild things on stage just to see how we Earthlings are going to react to them. It’s an experiment, and we’re the subjects. It’s priceless during one bit when they’re visibly astounded at the sentimental “Awwwww” that issues from the audience when one of them offers half of his Twinkie to his buddy, who has nothing to eat. They stare at the crowd, wide-eyed and momentarily derailed mid-performance – they don’t know what to make of our strange emotional response, and seem to be wondering whether it’s positive or negative.

Not to worry guys, positive all the way.


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