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Having promised something nice, I have just the thing. The biggest, floppiest, most huggable bunny of them all, the Flemish Giant!

Just look at this guy:

Dig the feet!

His head’s bigger than yours! Here’s another one:

He’s a monster bunny! I’d yell at the kid to watch herself with such a big old thing, but she doesn’t have to! And OMG, feast your eyes on this one:

You can own them singly, or in pairs:

Some have extravagantly floppy ears:

They’re good with dogs!

And other critters too! (It’s a tortoise and a hare, get it? Hyuk!)

AND they love being cuddled, how great is that?

So enamoured am I of Flemish Giant Bunnies that I once wrote a short poem in the persona of one of these furry duffel bags, which went thusly:

They say I’m quite compliant,

if a little bit ungainly

When you’re a Flemish Giant

you’re just good at boomphing, mainly*

*Boomph: verb – to collapse sleepily onto a soft cushion or pillow

For my dough, that’s poetry.

There! That’s about the warmest, furriest posting you’re apt to see here on the Needlefish, which I think fully demonstrates just how not-grumpy I usually am.

Now go away.

2 comments on “Flemish Giant Bunnies!

  1. Kunga Shiwa & the Search for Enlightenment says:

    Now THAT’s a Bunny! You guys need 2, to keep each other company!


  2. James Thomas says:

    yo that’s a big ol’ rabbit fam. lots of love x


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