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Fills you with rage, doesn’t it?

Two years in the sleet and the rain, everything monochrome, wet, and cold, but now the clouds part, and the Sun bursts through. It’s been a long cold lonely Winter, but here comes the Sun, and it’s all right.

Yesterday, a conservative troll decided to discredit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, already affectionately referred to everywhere as “AOC”, by posting the video attached above. Here’s the Tweet:

The video was made by a bunch of Boston University students almost a decade ago, as a fun tribute to various dance scenes in John Hughes movies like Breakfast Club. America’s favourite Commie Nitwit, attending BU to get almost the same degree as I did, Economics/International Relations, is featured as one of the dancers, and boy, does she ever look, well, young, beautiful, brilliant, and happy to be alive. The credits list her by her nickname, “Sandy”, which also doesn’t do as much as planned to make her seem silly and distasteful. I just watched the video five times, because it makes me feel happier than I’ve felt since November 2016.

This is how you know we’ve won. The American right is so sour, tone-deaf, white, male, and out of touch, that some 4Chan QAnon devotee thought it was actually going to hurt Ms. Ocasio-Cortez to show her being so adorable that it just about melts your heart. In fact, drop the “just about”. The whole internet, of course, immediately fell hopelessly in love with Sandy and exploded with derision for “Anonymous Q1776”, who’s probably sitting at his computer looking a lot like this:

Yesterday, a whole new Congress was sworn in, and Nancy Pelosi, as formidable a leader as ever swung the gavel, became Speaker of the House. All the Committee Chairs switched to Democrats. House Intelligence is now run by Adam Schiff – God help them all, all those weasels that Devin Nunes let skate. Judiciary is chaired by Jerry Nadler – Matt Whittaker, c’mon down. Maxime Waters will helm Financial Services, imagine how that makes The Donald, and Mick Mulvaney, woof their cookies. And so on. Read all about it here:

It’s glorious. Trump now enters a new era of oversight, something he’s never experienced, not in his whole life, and readers, this is going to be fun. The times they are a changin’, and all those Trumpian grey men had better start swimming, or they’ll sink like a stone.

They got nothin’. Here’s hoping they keep blasting at their own feet with a 12 gauge, trying to smear the irrepressible AOC, who just doesn’t give a flying f%$k.

One comment on “Here Comes the Sun

  1. Tells you a lot about some folks priorities that a young woman smiling and dancing would be a cause of complaint.

    Measure that against all the hatred and malice they seem just fine with.

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