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My USB-C-to-HDMI adaptor arrived! TA-DAAAAAA. I’m now getting close to my desired amount of screen space, and that hotly-desired recreation of the Combat Information Center on board one of the US Navy’s most sophisticated carrier battle group defenders. Look:

Ready Aye Ready
And 22 terabytes of memory to boot!
Crew members monitor radar screens in the combat information center aboard the guided missile cruiser USS VINCENNES (CG-49).

See? Same thing.

The ideal home office

Now I can play Admiral On Deck, and stride into the room barking orders like “Why is that fast-mover over Qatar still classified ‘bogey’?”, and “Nothing going Mach 1.8 should be squawking Mode III, sailor – you think Airbus made a breakthrough we weren’t briefed about? Vector CAP F-18s!”

This might be dandy wallpaper, yes?

They work great for YouTube videos and such also.

I’m still working on getting a fourth screen integrated into the system – if crazed Wall Street traders, motivated only by avarice and the immoral imperative to sate the vile greed of their money-bloated masters, no matter the social costs, get to have quad screens, why can’t a swell guy like me?

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