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I was just going over a few of my old postings, including one dated May 22, 2018, that posed the then implausible hypothetical “what if Trump gets a subpoena and just says ‘no’?”.

You’d have thought the last vestiges of my once innate naiveté had already been stripped away at that point, but nope. I guess it’s just hard to accept, all at once, that all the old rules are swept aside, the law means nothing, and there are no longer any limits on what a President will do, or any powers that he cannot and will not unlawfully arrogate to himself.

It’s a stretch at first, I know. So much so that perhaps you’re still not there yet? OK, get a load of this:

The Congress, states the letter from White House Counsel Pat Cipollone to House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler, has no legal or Constitutional authority to look into matters of Presidential malfeasance, obstruction of justice, and so on. There’s “no legitimate legislative purpose” to do so, a claim echoed by the Trump family’s own lawyers in a suit now in progress to stop Deutsche Bank from complying with Congressional demands for documents. So, basically, take your stinking subpoenas and roll them up into a tight little paper cylinder, the better to insert them into your tight little Democratic rectum, Jerry. That’s official. This isn’t even stonewalling any more, a term which implies prevarication, evasion, and a whole lot of shucking and jiving. This is outright lawless defiance under colour of right. This is a proclamation that Trump is Emperor.

Ah. Oh, I see. Yes, I do see it now.

I admit, like lots of people I was profoundly mistaken about all this. It’s not my fault! It used to be the conventional wisdom that the crew in the tri-corn hats took up arms back in 1776 to rid themselves of monarchy, and create a democratic republic. They used to teach it that way in school. You can see why most people, even educators, used to look at it in those terms – unless you read between the lines, as Donald and the GOP have done, you could misinterpret the Constitution as an elaborate legal construct meant to achieve just that, what with it apparently making the legislative branch the true seat of sovereignty via the will of the people as expressed in free and fair elections, yada yada yada and all that other jazz the Libtards keep spouting. I know it seems silly in light of all we’ve learned recently, but you can misread Article 1 of the Constitution to mean that. Especially if you’re a hopeless Libtard.

Maybe you once laboured under the same misapprehension, perhaps after being misled by malicious or at least fundamentally misguided schoolteachers or university professors. If so, I don’t want to call you stupid. I don’t want to go that far, since if you’re a dummy then I’m a dummy too. Like I said, it’s understandable, lots of folks used to get this one wrong, it wasn’t just you, and in my and your defence there was until quite recently a distinct absence of the proper analysis available via any sort of public writings, reportage, or discourse. Not any more though! Thank goodness, the White House Counsel has arrived to set things to right. Finally.

There are those obstinate enough to keep on arguing, of course – there always are, aren’t there? Here’s that archetypal Big Silly, Jerry Nadler, Chair of the almost farcical House Judiciary Committee, reacting to the White House demand that all Congressional investigations stop:

We will do no such thing. The White House position appears to be that the Justice Department cannot hold the president accountable, since it purportedly cannot indict him. Now it adds the extreme claim that Congress cannot act either, because that would duplicate the special counsel’s work. This flies in the face of the American idea that no one is above the law, and I reject it.

Poor Jerry! Out to lunch! Oh well, maybe he’ll catch on, or (more likely) be sent off to a nursing home or something, the poor demented old fellow.

Surely Cipollone is right. Congress has no business sniffing around the President’s affairs. Now, let’s be clear here. What this all means is that the President is above the law, at least as long as he’s President. He can’t be indicted by the law enforcement arm of government – just ask your Uncle Mueller – and it’s also improper for Congress to try to fill the vacuum, since Congress isn’t the law enforcement arm. That’s how the law obviously works, and how the beloved Founders clearly meant for it to be. It’s probably articulated in the Federalist Papers somewhere, and anyway it’s the only logical interpretation of the whole “checks and balances” “separation of powers” philosophy, right? That’s plain enough, once it’s explained to you, yes?

Does this make Trump a monarch? Is he therefore King Donald I? Yes, actually. Yes, that follows. By extension, Melania is therefore Queen Melania, and then we’ve got Prince Donny Junior, Prince Eric, Princess Ivanka, and I guess Jared, Duke of The Five Boroughs or something suitably noble like that.

There! We cool? You get it now? Good, good.

Oh, and don’t forget your back-owing tithe and scutage, OK sport?

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