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One thing that libtard snowflakes like me were certainly not counting on was Special Counsel Robert Mueller turning out to be an infuriatingly reticent and feckless architect of what might be the biggest anti-climax in political history. After two years, he wraps up by refusing to come to any conclusions, somehow failing to find criminality even in the Trump Tower meeting, and, having proved obstruction of justice to the tune of 900 or so former federal prosecutors (and counting) insisting Trump broke the law, tosses the ball to what he knows damned well is a hopelessly dysfunctional Congress with a weak-kneed “let’s just say I can’t exonerate him”. Now he doesn’t want to testify publicly because it makes him look political? Political? It’s the truth, you “t”-crossing, “i”-dotting, by-the-book do-nothing, and if sitting there and telling the truth in public is political, that can only be because one side in the political debate is lying.

Somebody’s got to step up here, but fast, before all is lost. I know, I know, that’s not what I thought before. I was completely sold on Nancy Pelosi’s cautious approach, making AOC and the other young Turks in her party cool their jets while Congress gave the American people time to catch up. Time to focus on legislation, and let the now Democrat-controlled oversight committees in the House do their work, and methodically lay evidence before the public that might finally scandalize an electorate understandably underwhelmed by Mueller’s apparent ambivalence, and duped by Barr’s line of bull. Made sense to me.

But that strategy is falling apart. The committees can‘t do their work, because Trump and his collaborators are refusing even to respond to lawful subpoenas. He has a liar and a scoundrel for an Attorney General, and an increasingly stacked judiciary that can still be relied upon to rule against him at the lower levels (Mitch hasn’t finished repopulating the whole system just yet), but is likely to side with him when the appeals finally arrive in the Supreme Court, where his new buddies reside. Donald feels safe, and has gone rogue.

That’s what takes the crisis to a new level. At it’s root the present constitutional showdown primarily (but by no means exclusively) concerns how the Russians helped Donald cheat his way into the Oval, but that’s pretty much beside the point now. I don’t care if the House is seeking information on the budget or wants details about farm subsidy programs – what matters is that Fat Donny is taking the position that Congress has no business prying into the affairs of the Executive Branch, and he doesn’t give a damn what the law and Constitution say, horrifyingly lawless behaviour aided and abetted by the toadying jag-off now sitting in the chair of the nation’s highest law officer. That’s bigger than the goings-on with Russia. That’s as big as it gets. The Chief Executive of the United States is using the Constitution as a handy substitute for Cottonelle in the Presidential crapper.

Something needs to be done! This is when you take the hammer to that wee glass pane that only gets broken in emergencies!

OK, you say, half exasperated and half enervated by hopelessness, something needs to be done, fine. Like what? Impeach? What, you think this guy isn’t still running what’s left of the Senate?

‘Cuz he is, right?

Yeah, I know. I am aware of it. I’m still swayed, though, by Elizabeth Warren’s contention that this is a matter of duty now, not politics, and that in any case the weasels in the Senate, every miserable one of them, should damned well be seen voting to acquit their tyrannical master. Let them all stand and proclaim their quivering, pants-wetting cowardice, and let that be their eternal disgrace.

Meanwhile, at least impeachment proceedings might start to pry the evidence and testimony free of Trump’s sweaty grip. Even the grey men on SCOTUS would probably blanch at inflicting the sort of violence to the Constitution inherent in a ruling that Congress can’t invoke its power to run an impeachment investigation. I mean, it’s right there on the original parchment, written out by hand. Congress gets to do that. The Founders said so. Even Kavanaugh can’t argue about that.

I think.

In any case it’s time to find out. We can’t wait until 2020, and besides, Trump could win again – while even Nancy Pelosi admits she’s worried that Trump won’t leave if loses. It’s time to get the investigations rolling, put the witnesses under oath and on TV, and force-feed the evidence to the public. Maybe the Republicans will crumble in the face of a swing in public opinion. A long shot, sure, but that’s how it played with Nixon, and a long shot is better than no shot at all. At a minimum, maybe airing all of Trump’s dirty laundry will ensure he doesn’t win in 2020 – nobody in the public is ever going to read Mueller’s report, and a huge number of people probably thinks Barr was giving them the straight dope with his “no collusion, no obstruction” song and dance. Perhaps there are minds out there that can be changed, enough to make a difference. Who knows? Let’s find out! We’ve got to do something. It’s time to stop whining about the futility of it all.

While they’re at it they should impeach that lying bastard Barr, too, and hand that boy scout Mueller a subpoena to appear at a completely public, 100% televised hearing, and see if he thinks defying the lawful summons of Congress dovetails with his pious notions of propriety. I want hours and hours of that guy on cable news, day in and day out. No more hiding behind process, rules, and Justice Department policy. No more sphinx routine, or any of that “I can’t say anything because I can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt” shit. That’s not how it works in this tribunal. You bloody well sit there, sir, under the lights, and damn you, this time tell us everything.

One comment on “This Isn’t About Mueller or the Russians Any More – It’s Way Bigger.

  1. Maccabros says:

    Shame on all the Republicans who are still with him, he is destroying Democrace…


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