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“I’ll say it with great respect. Number one, she’s not my type.”.

That’s what this pig of a man says about an accusation of rape, of non-consensual penetrative sexual assault most vile, “she’s not my type”. As in, if she was my kind of babe, the accusation might be credible, but c’mon folks, look at this mutt! Who’d rape that?

He’s said this sort of thing before when accused of various degrees of sexual assault, and now he’s saying it about E. Jean Carroll, who has a book coming out that alleges grossly inappropriate and outright criminal sexual behaviour against all sorts of men, and God knows, I don’t doubt any of it. Who in the era of #MeToo can doubt it? God help us, all of these allegations from all of these women are true, or virtually all, and when it comes to the current occupant of the White House, well, really, what sensible person thinks it just can’t be the case? What sensible person so much as thinks there’s even a vanishingly small chance that it isn’t?

Especially when, in response, Donald does what Donald always does. When challenged by a woman, he goes after her looks, like that’s dispositive. When accused of sexual assault, he offers that the woman in question just wasn’t attractive enough to spur him to do such a thing. Not I would never. Not ask any woman who knows me, I adore and respect women, and have always been kind and sensitive. No, it’s always she’s not hot enough to drive me to rape. As women were coming forward from all over during the 2016 campaign, accusing him of pretty much the same sort of abuses he was heard bragging about on the Access Hollywood tape, he deployed this argument again and again. Oy what a dog. Who’d assault that?

Well, Fat Donny, you would. You would and you did, and you know it and so, I’m convinced, do all those morons who voted for you, and cheered during campaign rallies when you made such assertions. That’s why this latest credible accusation isn’t going to make any difference to the Base. It’s already baked in.

Or is it? At what point do even uneducated white women married to idiot Trump-supporting uneducated white men stop voting for this unholy, unconscionable human swine? At what point does the zeal of evangelicals eager to stack the courts and obliterate female reproductive freedom in the name of Jesus finally hit a wall, stymied by the cognitive dissonance? Something like 22 women have now come forward. All their stories are similar. All are credible. Can any woman with an intact cerebral cortex continue to vote for this craven and criminal misogynist arsehole? How? How, for the love of Christ?

There must be a thousand reasons to despise Donald Fucking Trump. More. There must be ten thousand reasons why he’s unfit for office, ranging from his rank stupidity and outright incompetence through to his corrupt venality and pitiless cruelty. Surely his known propensity to attack and rape women is the rotten cherry on the festering parfait? Surely, now, his re-election chances are doomed? Because on top of everything else, all those other reasons to lament that the idiotic bastard was ever born, oh yeah, he’s a serial rapist. The President. Of the United States. The guy in the Oval Office. Him. For real.

And if you think Ms. Carroll is the last woman who’s going to tell a story like this, give your head a shake. If 22 have come forward there must be dozens more.

How horrible, how soul-destroying it is to doubt that it even matters. How crushing. The disgusting pig belongs in a cage, but instead we may find him installed right back behind the Resolute Desk in 2021, and if that doesn’t break your spirit then I guess it must already have been broken and can’t be smashed any further.

That, or you’re among the 40% of the American population that couldn’t give a flying fuck, so long as it aggravates the Libtards. In which case, damn you to Hell.

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