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Panorama This Evening

How can it possibly be that it’s already time to leave our home by the sea and go back to Toronto? How? Swear to God, we just got here. I just got my bag unpacked. That was never two months just there. This is mad. I’m not going – that’s it, I’m staying right here. Case closed. It’s on the books. No Toronto. Good, then, that’s settled.

I am going, though.

Never mind, back for a couple of weeks in October!

Hard to believe that the millpond out there this evening is the same frothing bay that Dorian pushed in to our basement. Seems like a dream now.

But you know, everything about this place seems like a dream. It’s blissful, but morning comes, it’s time to wake up, and what are you going to do? Ten tomorrow morning we’re hauling ass back to Ontario, and that there is what it is.


One comment on “Summer’s Over? No Fooling?

  1. Brett says:

    Never enough time by the shore. Time flies, for sure!


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