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Oh, Jesus. Every fucking day it just gets worse. Read this. Wait – remove all sharp implements and potentially dangerous blunt objects to beyond arm’s length. Unload any firearms, if you got ’em. All set? OK. Now, read this:

Couldn’t do it? Fine, I’ll give you the goddam Cliffs Notes. Trump, in a letter supposedly authored by White House Counsel Pat Cipollone – for whom eternal damnation must now be reckoned insufficient for his sins – has written a windy letter to Democratic House leaders that insists, in tyrannical threats dressed up in legalese, that impeachment itself is unconstitutional, because it would overturn the result of an election.*

Let’s set this out in plain English, and boil this bogus eight page declaration of war garbed as a legal memo down to the few words at its core:

I, Donald J Trump, will not obey Congress, and cannot be removed by Constitutional process.

There’s a lot of gibberish about due process etc., and some fucking lawyer, maybe Cipollone, maybe some other asshole, has added in a lot of embroidery about how the House should have taken a vote to start the inquiry, the inquiry lacks procedural safeguards for the President, blah blah blah, to the point that you want to puke. It reads like somebody left a dictaphone by Trump’s bed overnight, and then sent his delirious, weepy, self-pitying ravings out to Cravath, Swaine & Moore for translation. Some day, it will make a nice exhibit in some history text, bookending the Declaration of Independence; this is how it all started, and this, kids, is how it ended. I’d say it was nice while it lasted, except really it wasn’t.

I ask you: what the fuck is there left to investigate?

I ask as well: Since the entire GOP, and very likely SCOTUS, will be cheerfully complicit in this coup, of what use any longer is impeachment itself, or any legal remedy? The Dems have, as usual, brought a duck to the cockfight, or they’d be voting right now to impeach, but fuck that noise anyway. It no longer means anything. What then remains to rid us of this demon?

And at that I have to stop, on advice of counsel.

Relax, I’ve got him right where he wants me!

*This is incorrect.

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