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A while back, about a year ago, I made the prediction that Trump wouldn’t last beyond 2019. Here’s what I figured: I figured for sure that by the end of this year, the facts, some facts, whatever those facts happened to be, because God knew the sort of facts needed would be thick on the ground no matter how you approached it, those facts would come to light, would prove irrefutable, would be the basis of impeachment proceedings, and Fucking Donald would be impeached. He would be impeached!! So I posted this:

I was actually quite comfortable making this prediction. It made perfect sense, yes? Trump would be exposed, and inevitably he’d be forced to go, and let me stress, I’m not among those low-information folk who conflate “impeached” with “removed from office”. No way. Listen, Bub, I hold three post-secondary degrees, OK, two in political science and one in law, and I know perfectly well that impeachment is the equivalent of getting indicted, and that subsequent removal can’t happen unless 67 witless elected yobbos vote for as much in the Senate, which conducts the trial after the House indicts/impeaches. I know that. I do understand. Perfectly well. Of course I know that. Did I mention that I hold three post-secondary degrees, two in political science and one in law?

What I didn’t figure, not back then in those younger, more innocent days, was that something irrefutably, horrifically impeachable could be brought to light, and it wouldn’t matter. I didn’t even have the imagination to suspect that Mitch McConnell’s Senate could simply shrug off Donald’s crimes if there was no way to deny either their reality or severity. I didn’t lack knowledge, oh no. I lacked vision.

Stupid me! Welp, I’m getting visions now, believe me. Oh boy, am I getting visions.

Meanwhile, look, I was almost right. Almost, almost, so very close. Nancy Pelosi made it official today. Trump will be impeached prior to the end of 2019. It just won’t matter, that’s all, and who saw that coming? Why, not even the monumental genius and general bon vivant Steve Bannon could have called this one. He foresaw the impeachment, did Steve. Gave it a 33% chance in the first term, minimum. Even Steve, though, didn’t add “but it won’t matter”.

So I’m in good company, see? Me and Steve.

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