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So. Hunh. Having played at being coy for months, having stated again and again that he wouldn’t testify before the House until a court sorted out the bogus legal question of whether spurious claims of “absolute executive privilege” trumped a lawful Congressional subpoena, now, suddenly, John Bolton is happy to testify in the Senate, if called, about what went down with Trump strong-arming Ukraine to help him win in 2020.

At the same time we have Trump ordering a shocking assassination of Iranian Quds Force commander Qassam Soleimani, and making increasingly inflammatory tweets about war with Iran. Almost as if, all of a sudden, Donald is just cracking for a war.

A war with Iran has been Bolton’s fondest wish for many years. I do mean fondest. He’s pined for it the way I pine for Diane Lane. For decades.

Surely I’m off in Cloud Cuckooland in suspecting that maybe, just possibly, Trump put it to Bolton: go to the Senate impeachment trial and support my innocence on the Ukraine thing and I’ll give you the war you’ve always wanted.

Watch what Mitch does next. Be very afraid if he caves, equally suddenly, on at least allowing some witness testimony, in particular the evidence to be given by vital material witness John Bolton.

Surely, just thinking such a thing, I’m drifting into QAnon conspiracy nut territory.

Yes. That must be the case. Nuttiness in fact breeds nuttiness in fantasy. That’s all.

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