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Listen to this blithering idiot, if you can bear to. Every day with this incoherent shit, sometimes for hours at a stretch, making it all about him, and what do the networks do? They broadcast the shitshows, of course, in full, so that Demented Grandpa here can lie, preen, slap himself on the back, bark at reporters, and spew disinformation. This clip shows him lamenting the declining effectiveness of antibiotics, which, I guess nobody told him, fight bacterial infections and can’t do a damn thing about a virus like Covid-19, but then what could when the germ is so smart? It’s a genius, this germ, very clever, brilliant even, yes, yes. And it’s hidden. But we’re doing very well. He thinks.

After this, he probably went off on another sales pitch for the anti-malarial drug he’s sure will prove to be the miracle cure, something called hydroxychloroquine, which may or may not have some therapeutic benefit. A French virologist named Didier Raoult certainly thinks so, and that’s good enough for Donnie, and never mind that reliable clinical studies on the compound are still several months short of completion. Why wait for the propeller-heads to pronounce? What side effects? Get some, take some, ASAP!

Jesus Char-Broiled Christ, I can’t stand it any more, the rambling, the wild gestures – out comes the accordion again! – the weird, exaggerated facial expressions, oh how I wish, I do so wish, that one of the reporters in attendance would give him one of these:

Then one of these:

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