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Say, as long as we’re talking about overt racism, conspiracy theories, QAnon, and really awful white people who, having never ventured to within visual range of a mirror, conceive of themselves as members of the Master Race, look who we have here! It’s right wing reactionary and Trump-anointed Georgia Peach Marjorie Taylor Greene, and she just won the Republican primary in a district so redder than red that if you ran a stuffed and mounted Big Mouth Bass on the GOP ticket, it’d win in a landslide. So pucker up all y’all in the House of Representatives, ‘cuz here she comes!

She’s a strident bullhorn for the usual Republican policies and talking points, but that ain’t the half of it. She’s fit for the pointy white hood brigade. I wouldn’t want to call her spectacularly ill-informed; in her case that seems like disingenuous understatement calculated to deceive. Nor would it really be fair to lump her in with America’s burgeoning corps of average idiots, whose members are often perfectly harmless, and don’t deserve the guilt by association. Actually, our impoverished language doesn’t really have a word that does her justice, so I’ve found it necessary to coin one: she’s a Gohmert.

Which is to say, she seems to be just about as pathologically stupid as Louis Gohmert, (R) Texas (who was last seen claiming that mask wearing was what gave him Covid, after spreading the bug all over the House floor before an attempted ride on Air Force One forced him to get tested):

There are political science types out there who’d caution me to be careful to avoid such potentially hyperbolic claims until we see how the newbie performs in The Show. Gohmert is, after all, widely considered the dumbest dum-dum in all of Washington, maybe in all of the GOP, and comparing anybody so new to the game with a legend like him is like claiming that the latest rookie to make it to the Leafs is definitely the next Bobby Orr. I get that, but I’m throwing caution to the wind here; yup, she’s a Gohmert all right, and no two ways about it.

Here she is on Muslims:

…but I’m sorry, anyone that is a Muslim, that believes in Sharia law, does not belong in our government.

Let me explain something to you, Muhammad. We already have equality and justice for all Americans. Muslims are not being held back in any way … what you people want is special treatment. You want to rise above us.

On African Americans, and their funny attitude about Jim Crow era monuments to Confederate heroes (or traitors, if you’re one of them Yankee carpetbaggers):

If I were black people, Confederate monuments would make me proud, because I’d say, “Look how far I have come in this country“.

She’s also been at pains to remind African Americans that it’s high time to stop whining, because: Guess what – slavery is over.

For some reason, I can’t find anything about Holocaust denial among her many press clippings, but she does promote the anti-Semitic trope that Jewish philanthropist and Republican Party bête noire George Soros was actually a Nazi collaborator. She also equates being Hispanic with dealing drugs and being a member of MS-13 – just like her hero in the Oval always did – and she likes to emphasize her fierce support for the Second Amendment, which (thank the Good Lord) allows her to arm herself thusly, should any of those Antifa types make the mistake of straying into North Georgia:

Saving the best for last, enjoy this video in which she outlines her considered views on QAnon (fun game: see how long you can watch before losing your mind!):

Yes, the remaining sane members of the lower chamber of the US Congress must steel themselves, now, for the inevitable floor speech demanding investigation into the many very serious allegations credited to the mysterious QAnon. They’ve just got to make themselves comfortable with that. Nothing’s going to stop it now.

You know, Louisiana’s own Bobby Jindal, who used to be a rising star in the GOP, once advised his colleagues (perhaps hoping that nobody else would hear him) that if the Republicans wanted a future, they had to stop being “the Party of stupid”. For a while there it looked like such radical notions might be gaining modest traction within the ranks, especially when an official Party post-mortem, commissioned following Obama’s 2012 trouncing of Mitt Romney, gave voice to a lot of soul searching about race, diversity, and appeal to younger voters, which really amounted to saying the same thing. But then along came Donald, who won the White House on the Stupid ticket, and all plans to reimagine the GOP were thrown down the memory hole. Now it’s The Party of Donald, its most prominent representatives either quietly collaborating or slavering idiotically just like he does. Who flocks to a banner like that? Gohmerts! And these days, when a chuckle-headed Gohmert like our Marjorie finds her way to Washington, you have to be relieved that at least she’s not a pedophile. Maybe that’s one good thing about the QAnon crew: say what you will, but they’re against child sexual abuse. Indeed, the whole QAnon thing is about how Donald The Righteous is actually leading a secret international operation to defeat the global cabal of pedophiles led by such proven Democratic Satanists as Tom Hanks, George Soros (naturally), and of course Hillary.

That’s not all the QAnon cult belief system is about any more, it’s sort of metastasized after all this time bouncing around between the various right wing conspiracy sites and chat boards in cyberspace, but end of the day it’s about how Jeffrey Epstein’s frequent wing man Donald is conquering the pedophiles and throwing them all in prison. Much of the war is apparently being fought within secret “deep underground military bases”, which go by the helpful acronym DUMB. Really. You can look it up.

Actually, don’t. You don’t want that in your search history.

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