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Murdoch is an ex-pat from Scotland, living in LA these days, and has made quite a reputation for himself despite being anything but prolific, with just two albums and a four-song EP forming the entirety of his output since he first rose to prominence in 2002. Even so, you may well have heard some of his work, which has been used in numerous movies and TV shows, appearing in everything from The O.C. to Scrubs to Stargate Universe. His stuff sets a certain tone, beloved by those assembling the soundtracks for sad and thoughtful moments on screen. Don’t let that put you off, though. This isn’t mere musical wallpaper.

When I first heard All Of My Days, I thought it was something by my beloved Nick Drake that I’d somehow missed, and no matter how many times I listen, the feeling that this fellow Murdoch is somehow channelling the spirit of the tragically dead genius is overwhelming. I suppose you could get all sour-pussed about it and accuse Murdoch of copycatting almost to the point of plagiarism, but listen, there are worse things to plagiarize if that’s your opinion, and anyway I don’t think his work can properly be characterized so dismissively. Like a lot of his songs, All Of My Days is almost exactly like something Drake would have written, but copies no particular song – which is, really, a hell of a thing to pull off. For all I know, Murdoch never even listened to Drake (though in that case I’m gob-smacked), and to my ears his songs are by no means pale imitations of a greater writer’s work.

Anyway, let’s not get all fussed about whose style he’s either imitating or eerily replicating without really meaning to, let’s just sit back and enjoy. It’s lovely isn’t it? So very soothing. A song for a warm twilight evening, overlooking the sea.

Here’s another one, if this your cup of tea:

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