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Senator Ron Johnson of the great state of Wisconsin!

Gee, it seems like barely more than a month since blithering idiot Johnson, a true horse’s arse if ever the backside of an equine spewed road apples, won his last Gohmert Award. That’s because it was barely more than a month ago, on March 17, when Ron snagged the Gomey for calling the January 6 insurrectionists “patriotic Americans”, while opining that there was never really anything scary about the sacking of the Capitol, not like there would have been if the crowd was composed mainly of your Antifa and BLM types, you know, the folks afflicted with excess melanin. You might have thought it’d be a stretch conjuring up anything as award-worthy in such a short time, but if so, you don’t know our Ron! He’s a veritable fire hose of such stuff, and today it’s reported (see above) that Ron is now questioning the motivations of those who would push for as many people as possible to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Because, freedom.

Surely, dear reader, there’s no need to explain to you why such talk is so profoundly anti-social, dangerous, and likely, indeed, to get us all killed.

Thanks at least in part to the asinine mutterings of folks like Johnson, it’s starting to look like the U.S., and many other nations (including our own, sadly) won’t get to herd immunity, reckoned right now to require vaccination of 80-85% of the population. We don’t really know that’s the figure that’ll do the trick, and of course as the bug evolves into more virulent strains, it will probably rise higher – herd immunity for measles, for example, requires 95% to be vaccinated. For doing what he can to help COVID reach the giddy heights attained by other bugs like the Measles, and for resisting the efforts of private businesses to do their part in halting the spread of the disease by the plague monkeys who won’t get vaccinated, Johnson easily takes the Gomey!

You be you, Ron! FREEDOM!!

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