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Just a sweet, tuneful, gentle little song by the other half of my beloved Fountains of Wayne songwriting team. After the break-up, Collingwood recorded the solo record Look Park, named after a favourite public green space back in his home town of Northampton, Massachusetts, on which You Can Come Round If You Want To was one of the highlights. It has a wistful, innocent quality that leads one to imagine the narrator as a not very successful, not terribly ambitious, but compassionate and utterly guileless sort of fellow, maybe a little lonely, but determined to deal with it all as best as he can, and mindful of what he’s got, when so many have so much less. Yeah, he’s just barely getting by, with the bank on the phone to remind him that he doesn’t really own anything he thinks he owns – So many bills to pay, so many bills, he sings – but hey, it’s OK:

And when the power goes out or the cable is broken
I’ll tell you every story I know
How we complain and find fault where there ain’t none
When some people got nowhere to go

Maybe he can’t scrape enough together this month to pay the cable bill, but it could be worse, right?

A little company would be nice, though.

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