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Just when you’re about to lose all hope in popular music, along comes the almost unbelievably charming Andre 3000 of Outcast, delivering this clever, cheeky, compulsively danceable pop tune with a video that has him playing all the members of the fictional group The Love Below, driving the girls bonkers as if they’re the Beatles on a British version of Ed Sullivan. I think Andre may have the most captivating smile in showbiz. I just love how the manager harangues them at the start, barking at them to get out there and act like they got some sense, since he didn’t fly all the way overseas in the middle seat so they could fuck it all up. They have to make some dough over here, just to fly back home – remember, dude, Greyhound don’t float on water. That, the brilliant green outfits, the Love Haters decked out like jockeys, the suave, amiable character on keyboards in the beret, quietly smiling to himself, Possum Jenkins on bass, “Shake it like a Polaroid picture!”, and “Give me some sugar! I am your neighbour!”

Best thing to come along in years and years.

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