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Songs of the Day has been so downbeat lately! Let’s pick things up a bit, with a straight-up euphoric love song:

Everywhere I see your face,
Everywhere you sing your smile and,
Every time you’re not around,
It doesn’t matter,
‘Cause you’re everywhere to me.

I forget where I first heard this. A bookstore, I think – remember those? In the big Chapters and Indigo outlets they’d have music sections, and played CDs – remember those? – over the P.A. What first grabbed me was that bland radio announcer’s voice at the beginning: As long as we’re getting a bit technical, I’d like to remind you that most women, and children, can perceive higher frequencies than most men, which sounded familiar, like something that would have been recorded for one of the very earliest “listen to glorious high fidelity stereophonic sound!” demonstration records, maybe pressed on a thin sheet of vinyl and included as an insert in Life magazine, or National Geographic, as they sometimes did back in the day. Like these:

11 Flexi-Discs ideas | flexi, disc, promo items

They called them Flexi-discs. I’ve got a feeling that those opening words were taken off one of those.

Anyway, isn’t Everywhere just a ray of sunshine? It’s distilled sonic essence of being young and alive, and glad of it, just the thing when you’re all bummed out. Nobody can be grumpy for long playing this one. Not even me!

Well-known grump though I am.

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