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So, there was another mass shooting today, and you know what? It’s not even worth talking about.

Actually, you could argue that at this point, nothing is. Sometimes I want to leave it all behind before I stroke out, ‘cuz either they have the civil war they’re bucking for down there or they don’t, but not a damn thing is going to change anything for the better now. Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood, for nothing now can ever come to any good.

Tomorrow, I’ll probably find some reason to rouse myself again. I really shouldn’t, but, you know.

Meanwhile, it’s more by way of muscle memory than anything else that I draw your attention to two recent examples of Republican hypocrisy so extreme, so outrageous, that they almost launch themselves into a whole other dimension, they blast out of the swamp to land atop that rarefied plateau where all hope is forbidden, and those who’re too jaded to even bother killing themselves have put down roots, and find such things amusing. Really, it’s brilliant. You know you should be apoplectic and screaming for blood, but you can’t help yourself, you just have to drop your broadsword and applaud. Well played, sirs. Well played indeed.

First, unsurprisingly, is the latest from Mitch McConnell, and who but he could execute this sort of triple Salchow/quadruple Axel combo? Who was ever like him? Mitch, having set it as a flagrantly unconstitutional and absolutely ironclad rule that you can’t appoint a Supreme Court justice if there’s going to be an election any time in the next 32 months, now promises that the Senate stands ready to fulfill its Constitutional responsibilities, and will – not is prepared to, but will, no matter who gets put forward – confirm Trump’s nominee in the Fall, before the mid-terms can mess anything up. The Senate stands ready to fulfill its Constitutional responsibilities. Oh, God. Oh, sweet Jesus.

Second, and if anything even more delicious, was the grilling that poor Rod Rosenstein got from the Republicans on the Hill today, in particular from Trey Gowdy. The Republicans want the Mueller probe to go away, see, and Trey pretty much yelled at Rosenstein, saying it was time to “finish the Hell up”. Finish the Hell up! This from Trey Fucking Gowdy!! He’s the guy who kept a select committee going for two and a half years, looking into the great big Nothing that was the Benghazi “scandal”! Two and a half years of interminable hearings, only to conclude, sotto voce, by admitting that shit happens sometimes, and there was nothing Obama, Secretary Clinton, or God Himself could have done under the circumstances. Turns out that sometimes the people you deploy to failed states in the throes of falling to frickin’ pieces get themselves all good and killed. Too bad that dear, sainted Ronnie Reagan wasn’t still around, he could have told them about the time he lost 241 Marines to a suicide bomber in Lebanon, which might have shed some light.

Trey! Gowdy! Him! Get it over with he says!

Oh, shit. Oh, fuck me gently.

All hail the maestros.

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