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I’m watching Trump’s press conference – it isn’t even over yet – and I can’t believe that his handlers haven’t run out with butterfly nets to yank him off stage. We’ve never, ever, seen the like of the idiotic, incoherent, inconsistent, self-contradictory stream of semi-consciousness spewing out of the flapping yap of this 300 pound glazed ham. I was going to attempt a recap of the most ludicrous bits, but I can’t keep up! Meanwhile, the reporters are just taking his shit like it’s normal, while he insults them and acts the bully boy, as he always does. They should get up and march out. There is no reason whatever to bear witness to this crap, and no point in giving this witless turd a megaphone. As I write this, he was just slapping the guy from the New York Times around, and I can’t believe how they all struggle to deal with this dumb fuck as if he rates the respect of the office he denigrates. I also can’t understand why they let him lie through his teeth and make stupid mistakes without comment – they just nod and ask some pointless follow-up question, like the answer this time will finally be worth hearing. He just indicated, again, that he thinks that when he slaps tariffs on Chinese goods, it’s the Chinese that pay them. No reaction. There was no collusion, either, just to make that clear. Canada sucks, and interest rates are going up, which is bad, though it’s good, Obama had them low and he got to play with free money, but he now has to deal with expensive money, though higher rates are good because people can earn on their savings, except basically he’s a low interest rate guy, he hates to tell us. They weren’t laughing at him at the UN yesterday, either, that’s fake news, they were all just having a good time and sharing a chuckle at a joke he told. Now he’s blathering about Elton John concerts. I shit you not. You should have heard him talking about Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and how the Democrats are playing a con game with these lying women, though of course he isn’t pre-judging, and, oh yeah, now no men are going to want to be appointed to the Supreme Court any more, because women can always come out of the woodwork with lies about shit that supposedly happened 35 years ago. But he’ll listen to the woman talk at the hearing, who knows, maybe he’ll change his mind, except it’s a con job, folks, Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Dems are laughing their guts out at the con they’ve pulled, and you know it, but we’ll see.

OK, it just ended, thank Christ. Why do I watch? I must be a frigging masochist. Oh, great, now the pundits are talking about what he said, as if any of it meant anything. They should just say something like “you saw it folks, he’s fit for the strait-jacket”, and switch to covering a baseball game or something.

Yesterday he stood in the UN General Assembly and started to boast as if he was yapping at the yahoos at one of his MAGA rallies, and the assembled diplomats laughed at him. They laughed. The General Assembly laughed in the face of the President of the United States.

Why not?

I gotta find a better way to distract myself. Maybe buy a chemistry set or something. Or colouring, I hear that’s a thing these days. I could buy a big set of coloured pencils. They used to get the head cases to weave baskets, I could look into that too.

Here, you watch, see how long you can stick with it. I did the whole 85 minutes! It’s true!

Warning: causes brain damage

Or, you could just read the reviews:

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2 comments on “Seen Enough Yet?

  1. Kunga Shiwa & the Search for Enlightenment says:

    MSNBC is fact-checking. Knowing that it’s mostly k-r-a-p.

    Why? I am put in the mind of the Monty Python contest to find a good name for the Belgians.
    The runner up? “ Let’s not call them anything, let’s just ignore them”.
    Indeed. Why not stop the madness, turn off the cameras and play Looney Tunes cartoons. What, I say what are we hoping for boy? Trump is built too low,boy.


    1. graemecoffin says:

      “Miserable fat Belgian bastards” was second runner up, we could probably do something with that idea too.

      Liked by 1 person

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