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New Zealand’s Neil Finn is among the most gifted (and comparatively unheralded) melodists of the last few decades. With brother Tim, he first came to attention around these parts as a driving force of the group Split Enz, and later had moments of great success with Crowded House, before moving on to a solo career that continues to the present. Some of his songs are probably familiar to the listener, such as Don’t Dream it’s Over, I Fall at Your Feet, and Bring the Weather With You. She Will have Her Way is a personal favourite, and starts with a wry observation about feeling like somebody’s romantic plaything that’s always tickled me:

I might be old, but I’m someone new

The lyrics are fairly cryptic, and seem to be about being out-gunned and overwhelmed in a relationship that you still can’t quit:

She’s the life I’ve been frightened of
Seems like deathly silence and especially the dark
Feels like I am heavy and my spirit has died

…but it’s so lovely that I don’t really care. The song ends with a graceful coda of strummed guitars, putting me in mind of Maggie May, which fades to black long before you’ve had enough.

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