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When Obama won his second term in 2012, Donald, racist shitsquib that he is, Tweeted that a mob should descend on Washington and overthrow the government by force. Hilariously, one of his biggest gripes in a multi-instalment Tweetstorm was that the Electoral College was undemocratic!

The most inflammatory posts were quickly removed, perhaps on the sage advice of counsel that an incitement to armed revolt was, actually, insurrection punishable by ten years imprisonment under 18 U.S. Code § 2383. Too bad he wasn’t brought to justice then, since the law also forbids anyone convicted under that section from holding public office, but Fat Donny always skates, and here we are.

Trump satisfied himself with his batshit birtherism for a while, but thuggery’s in his DNA, and he’s advocated violence and incited armed aggression against his foes from almost the first day of his godawful run for office in 2015. Now, as the walls close in, he’s started talking about coups and civil war. The Tweet copied above may be the single most egregious thing any American politician has ever uttered in public.

It’s also no joke. He isn’t kidding – Donald never is. He’s not capable of subterfuge. He has no hidden agenda. His raging id is attached directly to his wagging tongue. Bathing in self-pity, wailing bitter tears at the unfairness of it all, and willing to do anything to remain in power, Trump is a cornered rat, and nothing should be put past him. He’s talked repeatedly over the years about his “second amendment friends”, the “tough guys” who are on his side, the bikers and cops who adore him, and he’s repeatedly expressed his belief that the military will follow unlawful orders if given by The Great Trump. He means to hang on to power, and he’ll raise rabble to do it. Count on it.

It’s time to snap out of it. Mitch and his weasel-stuffed Senate need to wake up to the very real danger Donald poses to constitutional government. The House must impeach the bastard, today, and the Republicans in the Senate must vote to remove him from office while there’s still a Senate that holds votes. No more investigations. No more subpoenas. The incubus in the long red tie just asserted that the ongoing process of constitutional oversight, which he has unlawfully obstructed at every turn, is an attempted coup, invoking yet again the wretched Second Amendment, and that, right there, is enough. That merits impeachment and removal, all on its own. Yesterday I took a stab at simplified Articles of Impeachment, but let’s go simpler still; let’s just cut through the last of the embroidery and reduce it down to this:

He presents an overt and persistent menace to constitutional government and the rule of law, while threatening violence, insurrection and civil war against the institutions whose obligation is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

That’s enough. The purest, most irrefutable possible grounds for impeachment. He endangers the Republic.

It’s getting late. Trump is in most ways a low grade moron, but there’s a certain feral cunning to the man, and he may soon clue in that his best bet now is to start a war – Iran makes the most sense, since he never did persuade Kim to give up his nukes – and then tell the military that the Congress is plotting a coup to depose their Commander in Chief with foreign help. He may find many allies among the authoritarians who wear the uniform. His cretinous base will stick with him. A moment of great peril is upon us. This is no time to be scheduling depositions that White House officials will refuse to attend. Trump is a cancer. He must be excised, before the tanks start rolling in the Mall when it’s not the Fourth of July.

We will never be safe until Donald sulks behind bars in the lightless basement of an Alabama supermax.

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