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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R)(Cali.)!

You might have registered that over the past week or so, Republicans and their Fox News/OANN henchmen had been pursuing the latest scandalous scheme of the Biden Democrats: a plan to deprive decent, hard-working, tax-paying Americans, women and children included, of their God-given right to eat meat! To eat meat, people!! That’s right, you heard me. In the unholy pursuit of the bogus climate objectives contained in the (apparently already enacted) Green New Deal, Biden is going to stop the citizenry from consuming more than four pounds of red meat a year. That’s rationing! And socialism! And not enough meat! Heck, your average upright American eats four pounds of red meat most every weekend. So we’re talking about a savage curtailment of the wholesome meat portion of the average American diet, or at least the diets of real Americans, not those Kale-gobbling, Tofu-swallowing liberal LGBTQ elite peckerwoods out on the coasts. How the hell does that help the climate anyway, supposing it needs help, which it doesn’t?

This is actually the reiteration of a schtick Mike Pence was running just before the election, but the current wave of outrage seems to have begun with an article in the UK’s Daily Mail :

See how clever the editors were there? It sounds like Biden has actually decided to limit meat consumption, doesn’t it? Yet, note how really, the claim is only that some “experts” have touted this as the way to go, while the headline merely insinuates that Biden embraces the idea because he won’t “come clean” on how he plans to control greenhouse emissions. Masterful. What happened next was, of course, inevitable; as fast as you can say “bullshit” it was all over social media, and then gleefully picked up by the usual suspects in the Murdoch empire, and thence from the bloviators on Fox News into the ears, and out of the gaping mouths, of Republican politicians.

Of course Biden is considering no such thing. No American President would, it being generally understood that any move to pry cheeseburgers out of the yaps of Murrica’s obese masses would induce a spasmodic reaction that’d make the January 6 Insurrection look like a NASCAR tailgate party. Not that it would otherwise be such a bad idea. Apart from the health effects, as Americans busily dig their own graves with their steak knives, it’s a plain fact that the raising of livestock for beef in particular is a huge contributor to the greenhouse gas problem, largely because of what’s blowing all day out of the backsides of cows. See, cows are essentially methane factories, and methane is a very potent greenhouse gas. In the atmosphere, it traps heat about 30 times as effectively as carbon dioxide, and thus makes a disproportionate contribution to global warming while forming about 16% of all global emissions. Of the methane produced globally, about 40% comes from agriculture, mainly cows and their bountiful manure. So tackling that mess wouldn’t be crazy. Politically suicidal, yes, but otherwise scientifically rational.

But anyway, Biden most emphatically has no plans to do so. He would never be dumb enough to grab that third rail. He wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Before that article in the Daily Mail, nobody in the moonbat brigade even claimed he did. Not even Glenn Beck.

Which brings us to Kevin McCarthy. In the run-up to Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress this week, the meat nonsense reached a crescendo, and then petered out as it was widely debunked in all the media outlets not controlled by Rupert Murdoch. By the time of the speech, nobody was talking about it any more (the usual crew having moved on to the equally false story that a kid’s book written by Kamala Harris was being bought in its thousands by the government and force-fed to illegal immigrant children, the better to line the Veep’s pockets), and even Fox had issued a retraction, news anchor John Roberts stating of his own coverage that “graphics and the script incorrectly implied that it was part of Biden’s plan for dealing with climate change. That is not the case.”

Wednesday night, Biden delivered a fine bit of oratory, proposing all sorts of humane and ambitious policies which would truly help ordinary people in myriad ways, and are widely popular. So what does Kevin McCarthy do? As soon as Biden stops talking, he runs out in front of the Fox News cameras, and hollers BIDEN PLANS TO CONTROL HOW MUCH MEAT YOU CAN EAT.

For his brazen resurrection of this well and truly debunked pile of quintessential Republican horse shit, Kevin takes the Gomey! Well done Kevin, you old such-and-such, you!

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