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I’ve posted most of these images to Facebook, but the resolution is better here. Below are my favourite shots of the Nova Scotia summer, which are going to have to tide me over until next we return…

Sunset across the bay
The surf at Lawrence’s beach, Port Hood, Cape Breton
The beach at Margaree Harbour, Cape Breton
On the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton
Twilight hits the homes opposite
The marina, sunset
Pastel marina
Clouds reflecting in the bay, sunset
Our resident Blue Heron
Three AM
An Osprey cruises overhead (my spirit animal is probably a slug, but I wish it was an Osprey)
Just another gorgeous sunset
And another
Golden light hits for just a few minutes at sunset
The Bay is a mirror
Twilight in Port Hood, Cape Breton
Hirtles Beach, my favourite
Port Hood sunset
Middle Head, and looming behind, Cape Smokey, Cape Breton
More Cabot Trail
Evening light
The iconic shot
Golden Hour light show
Night falls
Night falls
Quiet across the bay
Ducks head off to bed

One comment on “Photo Album

  1. Holly Anderson says:

    beautiful Holly Anderson

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