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It gets harder every time, you know. Tomorrow we leave for Toronto. Today, the Sun is bright, the waters of the bay are placid, and it’s about 19 degrees. The ducks are still swimming about – no reason to head south just yet – and the gulls, who won’t be going anywhere, seem as happily indolent as ever. They must look askance at the migratory waterfowl, and the extreme exertions needed to make their way each year to warmer latitudes. Hey fellas, why not stick around? The bay hardly ever freezes. Plenty of food, if you know where to scrounge. You’re seriously gonna flap your asses off to land a thousand miles from here, just so you can turn around and come back? Crazy, crazy bastards.

If the ducks are crazy, what am I? At least they’re headed somewhere nice.

Took a final sightseeing drive yesterday. Today was a final pub lunch at the Mug and Anchor, where the back deck was open, and folks were enjoying the weather. We’ve bought the regulation souvenirs at Amos Pewter, some nice heron sculptures this time, and a pewter Bluenose for my desk. Time to charge all the tablets, batten down the hatches, and pack, I guess.

One of these days, we’re going to make like the gulls. Meanwhile, for now…

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